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Established in 2011, London Emek Theatre is a vibrant and dynamic group dedicated to creating powerful and unforgettable experiences on stage. Our unique approach involves crafting plays inspired by real-life stories from the diverse city of London.

Rooted in Love and Understanding

Our plays emphasize the belief that love, understanding, and empathy are crucial for a harmonious society. We strive to promote these values and encourage deeper connections among our audiences.

Captivating Audiences with Reflection

We take pride in engaging and captivating our audiences, leaving them with profound reflections and inspirations. Each performance invites viewers to contemplate societal norms and the depths of human emotion.

Celebrating Unity Through Shared Experiences

Join us on an extraordinary journey that celebrates the power of unity. Through shared experiences and compelling narratives, we aim to foster a culture of empathy and connection, touching the hearts and souls of all who attend.

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"We hold rehearsals at Pymmes Park, in the All People All Places building."


Join us behind the scenes for rehearsals at our theatre location.

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